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Cutting Coffee with Caffeine Substitute

Cutting Coffee with Caffeine Substitute

Posted on January 30 2024, By: Cassidy Birch

Cutting Coffee with Caffeine Substitute

Is reducing your daily coffee intake one of your new year intentions?

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with coffee, for many, drinking this caffeinated beverage comes at a cost. Coffee is an acidic stimulant, meaning it can cause digestive irritation for those with sensitive systems. It’s also a diuretic, and can lead to dehydration when drunk in excess. The specific type of caffeine that coffee provides is known to induce anxiety, and create a ‘jittery’ and ‘wired’ feeling that often results in an energy crash a few hours later. And many people have a hard time clearing the caffeine from their system, which can lead to trouble sleeping at night. 

If you love coffee but know it doesn’t always agree with your body, fear not! There are a multitude of wonderful coffee substitutes on the market to satiate the addicting taste, feeling, and ritual of coffee, without the unwanted side effects. 

Some of these coffee substitutes offer gentler forms of caffeine, for those still needing a boost of energy for the day. Others contain no caffeine at all, which is ideal for those with caffeine sensitivities. The caffeine-free alternatives can also be enjoyed before bed or used to replace your late-afternoon cup of Joe, helping to promote an easier, more restful sleep. 

The following blends are carefully crafted with nourishing herbs to create a reminiscent coffee experience. Not only do these blends taste incredible, but the various plants and medicinal ingredients used provide additional health benefits, such as stimulating liver detoxification, supporting good gut-health, calming the nervous system, and promoting overall well being.

Dandy Blend — Dandelion is the star of this completely caffeine-free herbal ‘coffee’, crafted using roasted dandelion root, rye, barely, and chicory. Rich, bold, and creamy, this blend might just be closest to the real thing. Similar to instant coffee, simply allow the powder to dissolve in hot water and add your milk of choice. 

Harmonic Art’s Kickstart — Chaga, dandelion root, Yerba mate, and heirloom cacao join forces to create this robust, rich, and earthy coffee-like elixir. Crafted with only the finest ingredients, this blend supports healthy adrenal glands while still providing a gentle boost of energy. 

Teo Nan Mushroom Coffee — for those who still want to consume real coffee in a gentler way, this is the blend for you! This tonic combines organic coffee with a variety of medicinal mushrooms, coconut milk, and probiotics, offsetting the overstimulating affects of caffeine and replacing them the adaptogenic benefits of mushrooms. 

Ceremonial Cacao — long revered as a sacred food by Mayan and Aztec tribes, ceremonial cacao is the finest grade of cacao available. It was traditionally used in medicinal, spiritual, and ceremonial purposes for awakening inner guidance and creativity. This raw, unrefined ‘drinking chocolate’ comes from the cacao tree beans and offers a multitude of incredible benefits, such as a sustained energy boost, increasing mental clarity, opening the heart, grounding the body, enhancing creativity, and increasing feelings of wellbeing. Ceremonial cacao can be made into a rich and creamy elixir by melting the cacao into warm milk over the stove, and adding sweetener as desired. 

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Written by: Hannah Schmitt