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A Mindful Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A Mindful Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Posted on May 08 2024, By: Cassidy Birch

A Mindful Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day offers an opportunity to appreciate, love, and celebrate one of the most sacred roles in our culture:  mothers.

A mother is many things. She is a nurturer and safe haven, a teacher and guide, a provider of comfort, selflessness, and unconditional love. She wears many hats, from nurse to cook, housekeeper to playmate, and comes in many forms, from mother to grandmother, wife to friend. The title of ‘Mother’ is bestowed upon women in different ways — from birthing a being into the world, to embodying a motherly figure in someone’s life. 

This Mother’s Day, let’s honour the mothers in our lives by giving back to the women who give so much to us. Below, we’ll be sharing a Mindful Mother’s Day Gift Guide with a collection of thoughtful, intentional gifts that show gratitude, appreciation, and love. 


NEW Pregnancy Journals — these gorgeous, locally crafted journals are a truly special offering for any mama-to-be in your life. Inside, you’ll find a weekly planner, variety of writing prompts, vision boards, positive affirmations, food tracking journal, birth plan templates, and so much more. A beautiful companion for the pregnancy journey, and a special keepsake to treasure forever. 

Unfuck Your Boundaries Workbook — for the self-development loving mamas in your life, this book is the ultimate guide to building better relationships through consent, communication, and expressing your needs.

12,000 Dreams Interpreted — for the esoteric seeking mamas, this mystical dream dictionary is a truly comprehensive guide to unlocking the mystery of dreams. 

Journals —all mothers can benefit from a place to share her gratitudes, fears, worries, and dreams. Come into Roberts Creek Well-Being to shop our Well-being & Healing Journals.

The Women’s Herbal Apothecary — give the gift of knowledge with The Women’s Herbal Apothecary, a comprehensive holistic guide containing 200 natural remedies for healing, hormone balance, beauty, longevity, and calm. 

The Empowerment Cycle — every mama deserves to truly understand her menstrual cycle and fertility, and know how to harness the power of her cyclical nature. The empowerment cycle teaches women about the different phases of their cycle, how fluctuating hormones affect their life, and how to work with this cyclical nature to better understand themselves and their health. 



Homebound Manifestation Kits — designed by the ‘self-care tarot company’, these manifestation kits encompassing a personalized tarot reading, intention candles, and a special crystal make a magical gift for mama. 

Seawitch Botanicals Incense — these B-corp certified incense sticks are a perfect present for scenting a mother’s home with natural herbal blends.

Lohn Candles — a women-led studio crafting candles and room mists with scents to take any mama on a journey and elevate her space. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Made with sustainable coconut & soy wax, phthalate-free fragrances, cotton wicks, and food-grade glassware. 

Delicate Realms Jewelry — these funky beaded necklaces are a fun and unique gift; perfect for making any outfit pop!

Take Care Apothics — consciously created, cruelty-free skin care. Their 5 step skincare routine is crafted with genuine, non-toxic, and organic ingredients that are safe mama’s skin and the environment.

Fable Apothecary — room sprays, healing salves, bath salts, body butters, and facial oils.  So many amazing Mother’s Day products to choose from! All made locally with love and clean ingredients.

Roberts Creek Well-being Gift Card — can’t decide what to get the mama in your life? Let her choose! We offer gift cards to make gifting easier for everyone. 



Dandy Blend — the perfect coffee alternative for mamas wanting to cut caffeine, made with nourishing herbs to support digestive wellness.

Sunshine in a Cup — the yummiest organic spiced honey infused with Ayurvedic spices. The perfect addition to elevate teas, lattes, toast, baking, and more!

Mycelyum Mushroom Gummies — a fun medicinal treat that offers all the benefits of mushrooms, from increased energy and mental clarity, to stress reduction and improved immune function. 

Teo Nam Mushroom Hot Chocolate & Mushroom Coffee Blends — function, pre-mixed coffee blends made with medicinal mushrooms and organic ingredients. Perfect for a busy mama. Simply add hot water! 



Bath Salts — give the gift of relaxation and make any mama feel extra special by creating her a unique bath salt blend using our pure epsom salts, non-toxic Bear Essential Oils (we have tons of scents to choose from) and an assortment of organic dried herbs from our bulk herbal apothecary (think rose, lavender, calendula, peppermint, and chamomile!)

Personalized Tea Blends — another special homemade gift idea,l that can easily be created from our bulk herbal apothecary. Our personal favourites to get you started;

— nettles, oat straw, rose

— lemon balm, nettles, hibiscus

— lemon balm, nettles, chamomile

— nettles, peppermint, lavender

Essential Oil Diffuser & Oils — come shop our selection of diffusers and make it a set by choosing 3 essential oils to create a custom blend. Our favourites? Lemon, lavender & rosemary, or cedarwood, clove & cinnamon!


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Written by Hannah Schmitt