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Creating a Sustainable Exercise Routine

Creating a Sustainable Exercise Routine

Posted on January 24 2023, By: Cassidy Birch

Creating a Sustainable Exercise Routine

The new year is here, and with it comes a generous dose of external pressure to start working out and finally ‘get in shape’.  While we’re not big fans of this mentality, we do believe moving our bodies can be a fun and rewarding way to improve mental well-being, boost immunity, increase energy, reduce stiffness, improve flexibility, and help us feel good about ourselves.  But exercise will never be sustainable if it’s coming from a place of force and punishment.  Instead, we love the idea of joyful movement – finding ways to move your body that feel nourishing, supportive, and joyful to you!

  1. Find an activity that you love.  The most important part of creating a sustainable exercise routine is finding forms of movement that you actually enjoy doing.  Do you prefer to workout solo, or with other people? What about an indoor or outdoor environment?  Whether it be lifting weights in a gym, walking, running, hiking in nature, swimming, group fitness classes, dance, or yoga in the comfort of your own home, choose an activity that makes you feel excited!  Novelty helps too, so don’t be afraid to switch things up often to keep your fitness routine feeling exciting.

  2. Start small.  It might be tempting to dive head first into a new exercise routine, but setting realistic goals is key for longevity.  Setting too big of goals will often become overwhelming, and you’re more likely to give up altogether.  Be honest with yourself – how many days per week does exercising actually feel attainable?  How long of a workout will you feel committed to doing?  Start small, and slowly build frequency and duration over time.  Even just a 20 minute walk a couple of times per week is enough to start feeling better in your body and begin to experience benefits.

  3. Find Accountability.  Having someone or something to keep you accountable really helps with motivation, whether that be a friend, partner, workout buddy, family member, movement journal, app, or any other tool that might encourage you to stay inspired.  Having a fitness buddy is a particularly fun way to stay accountable, whether you’re working out together or simply texting each other for motivation.

  4. Work with your Schedule.  One of the biggest inhibitors to maintaining an exercise routine is a busy schedule, whether that be work, parenting, social activities, or any other life commitments.  So how do we make time for movement?  By working with our schedule, not against it.  Maybe you have a particular day of the week with larger blocks of free time – this could be a great day to schedule a recurring fitness class or hike with friends!  Maybe you have an hour-long lunch break, or a spare 30 minutes in the morning or early evening to fit in some movement.  Assess which times of day and days of the week are most flexible, and go from there.

  5. Nourish yourself.  Moving our bodies is only one half of the health equation.  Proper nutrition is equally as important to feel good and reach your fitness goals!

  1. Hydrate – Adequate hydration is essential to good health, and fluid needs increase when exercising.  Support optimal hydration by adding electrolytes and trace minerals into your water!  We love Nuun Electrolyte Tablets, Ocean Sourced Aussie Trace Minerals & Electrolytes, and Now Full Spectrum Minerals.

  2. Increase protein intake – Protein requirements increase when you’re exercising regularly.  Support the body in recovery and building lean muscle by incorporating Botanica Health’s Perfect Protein Powder, a clean plant-based protein blend of brown rice, quinoa, and coconut milk

  3. Focus on complex carbohydrates – Up your intake of fiber-rich carbohydrates such as sweet potato, squash, fruits, and whole grains.

  4. Balance macro-nutrients in each meal – Do so by ensuring every meal and snack contains a protein, a complex carbohydrate, and a source of healthy fats.

  1. Supplement intentionally.  Consider taking a couple of tailored supplements to support optimal workouts and recovery.  A greens powder like Botanica Health Perfect Greens can help ensure you’re getting enough micro nutrients and antioxidants, whereas Harmonic Arts Cordyceps Mushroom Powder provides a natural energy boost without caffeine.  Sierra Sil Curcurmin, a powerful anti inflammatory extract from turmeric, soothes inflammation and sore joints, and Garden of Life’s Dr. Formulated Probiotics replenish the gut-microbiome for total body health.

Written by: Hannah Schmitt