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Welcome to Roberts Creek Well being - Health food store




Take Care ApothicsTake Care Apothics combines everyday skincare with intentional + mindful practices that raise awareness of & increase connection to your inner world.Thoughtfully + consciously crafted to offer safe, non-toxic, luxurious products that replenish your skin + mind!
Healing Scents Essential Oils (Blends only) Locally owned- (Gibsons)
Bear essential oils Single oils, all organic/fair trade/locally grown. Indigenous-owned in Black Creek, B.C
Soap Maker Christie Woodlin Made in Roberts Creek: We always have 10-20 different scents in stock

The Future is Bamboo Toothbrushes 
Carina Organics: sweet pea/unscented shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair spray, Vancouver Based.
Routine Deodorant
Lavilin Deodorant
Weleda body oil, deodorant, baby care
Halo Healing - Bath Soaks + body sprays
Soak and Sea- bath bombs, bath soaks, bubble bath, hand sani, kids calm spray
Natracare- Organic Pads, tampons, nursing pads
Diva cup
Jem's Condoms 
Dr. Bronner's Toothpaste
Auromere toothpaste


Prairie Naturals  Vitamin D, Liquid Vitamin B, Vitamin, Quercetin, Multi-Vitamin, enzymes
AOR   B-complex + Super Focus, Magnesium, Orthosleep, Thyro Support, C + bioflavonoids, B12
Harmonic Arts  Elixirs, concentrated mushroom powders + tinctures, teas
Host Defense Mushroom capsules
Botanica Herbal blends, Liquid herb capsules, protein powder
Garden of Life Probiotics, multivitamins, plant-based protein powders, B Vitamins, wild rose to cleanse- Trophic brand
NOW brand amino acids, minerals, single vitamins, coenzyme q10 
Orange Naturals Magsleep, Magnesium bisglycinate, iron
Organic Traditions herbal powders 
Provita  Sierrasil, magnesium threonate, black cumin & migraine
Nordic Naturals  Omega-3, Ultra omega, Cod liver oil, algae omega
Flora  Flax oil, Floravit, floradix, stress Veda, beet crystals, shelf-stable probiotics
Genestra Melatonin, probiotics
Boiron  Homeopathic blends or single remedies
Absorb it all Locally owned- colloidal silver spray, magnesium spray, copper spray and vitamin d drops


The Farm West Sechelt Jams
Arriba raw chocolate & Better Butter Nut butter 
Spread em’ Cashew dips
Mamma Musey Pierogis 
Seafoam Granola, adapt & flow powder
Chickapea Pasta
Amy's Organic soups
Annie's Homegrown Pasta/kids crackers
Edward & Sons Gluten free rice crackers
Nooch Pop Popcorn
Barbara's Bakery Cheese puffs
Earth's Own Oat milk + chocolate

Elan Dried Fruits & Nuts
Kiji Organic Juices
Katherines Sauerkraut
Hornby organic bars
Nora Seaweed snacks, + Seasnax seaweed
Prana Organic nut mixes
Little creek salad dressing 
Lundberg Rice
Koyo Ramen noodles
Smart sweets
Rise Kombucha
Avalon organic milk
Rabbit River eggs
Wildwood Tofu
Bob Redmill Oats
Love Child Organics Fruit/veg puree + Cookies



Jay Eckhardt Glass Pipes (made in Tsawwassen B.C)
Canvas Candles
Honey Candles
Jewelry by Jillies Heart Co
Kimberly Francis wood carving (Made in Roberts Creek)
Kanga + Roo scrunchies 
Shey Smith Handmade clay mugs (made here in RC)
Keylett  Wristlet keychains
Cindy Richard Mosaics (Made in Sechelt BC)
Cards- (All Locally Made) Shel Neufield, Kandice Keith, Pat Ridgeway, Roberta Manuel)



Bare Home Dish soap, laundry soap, all-purpose cleaner and two scents of hand soap also available in bulk
Nellies Laundry + dish soap
Canvas Candles
Honey Candles
Caboo Bamboo toilet paper, paper towel and kleenex
Eco-living Club laundry sheets
Happy Tails cat + dog food
Dr. Bronner's products
Fable Apothecary Room Sprays (locally  made)