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A Guide to Living Gently: How We Can Reduce Our Environmental Impact By Shopping Sustainably

A Guide to Living Gently: How We Can Reduce Our Environmental Impact By Shopping Sustainably

Posted on April 30 2024, By: Cassidy Birch

A Guide to Living Gently: How We Can Reduce Our Environmental Impact By Shopping Sustainably

In honour of the last day of Earth Month, we’re sharing a Guide to Sustainable Shopping, where we’ll discuss how we can live more gently upon the earth by investing our money into brands and products that truly prioritize earth stewardship. We’ll be sharing our favourite ways to shop more sustainably, and providing you with a variety of earth-friendly alternatives for a wide range of products. We vote with our dollar, and making simple shifts within the products we purchase has a hugely positive impact on our environmental footprint over time. 

Let’s dive in! 

The Principles of Sustainable Shopping

1.) Shop local

In an age of online ordering, it’s all too easy to buy whatever you need with the click of a button, and have it delivered straight to your doorstep without much other thought.

But convenience comes at a cost — and Mother Earth is paying the price. 

Have you ever considered where your purchases are coming from, and how far they’ve traveled to reach you? What about all the resources required in that process? By shopping locally, and purchasing items made or grown as close-to-home as possible, we reduce the distance these items need to travel, and in turn greatly reduce both fuel consumption and environmental pollution. 

2.) Support Small business 

When we begin to shop locally, we can turn towards smaller businesses over larger chain stores. While chain retailers often supply generic, name-brand products, small businesses are more likely to carry locally crafted products (we carry over 30!)  and locally grown produce. Not only are you supporting the owners and employees of these shops, but you’re recirculating money back into the local economy and providing a pay check to neighbouring farmers and makers.

3.) Buy pre-loved clothing 

Shopping for second-hand clothing is not just about finding unique pieces or saving money- it's about making a positive impact. By opting for second hand, you contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of the fashion industry by giving pre-loved items a new life. Thousands of pounds of fast fashion are being thrown out daily. Come into Roberts Creek wellbeing to check out our second-hand gems that have been given a new life! Each purchase truly promotes a more eco friendly and socially responsible approach to style. Embrace the thrill of the hunt while championing a more ethical and environmentally conscious way to shop!

4.) Think About Packaging

Whenever possible, choose products that are completely package-free over their packaged alternative. If this isn’t an option, consider what materials are more easily recycled / reused, and prioritize products packaged in glass or paper over plastic.

5.) Go Non-Toxic

Not only are non-toxic products better for our bodies (check out our blog on estrogen) , but they’re kinder on the environment, too. The chemicals in conventional products pollute the soil, air, and water systems, harming wildlife, degrading soil quality, and damaging the ozone layer. Thankfully, there are many clean alternatives on the market that replace harmful toxins with human and earth-safe ingredients.

6.) Invest in Companies with Shared Values 

Get to know the companies you’re supporting! Do a little research, and investigate the philosophies, values, and mission behind the brands you purchase. Do they align with your values? What certifications do they hold? Are they assessing their environmental impact and taking the necessary steps to reduce waste and pollution wherever possible? 

Our Favourite Sustainable Products

Below, you’ll find a guide to our favourite sustainable products from a selection of wonderful companies, from package-free options and clean alternatives to local offerings crafted right here on the Sunshine Coast. All of these brands are available for purchase here at Roberts Creek Well-being! 


The Bare Home — Our favourite eco-cleaners and natural hair, hand, and body soaps, available for purchase in reusable glass bottles and from our zero-waste refill station! Just bring your own jar to stock up on these environmentally safe and essential-oil scented products.

Caboo Toiletries — Caboo offers a selection of toilet paper, paper towel, tissues, and baby wipes, sourced responsibly from bamboo instead of tress and made free from chlorine bleaching and chemicals. 

The Future is Bamboo — Zero-waste toothbrushes and eco-floss picks made from biodegradable bamboo. 

Good JuJu Laundry Detergent — Pre-portioned laundry strips formulated with plant enzymes, packaged sustainably in a highly concentrated formulation and free from plastic packaging!


Take Care Apothecaries — Clean body and skincare crafted locally on the Sunshine Coast and packaged in glass bottles.

Amaya Mama — Nourishing herbal tinctures, skincare, and body care, packaged in glass and crafted with locally grown ingredients right here in Roberts Creek.

Routine Depderant — Made from clean ingredients and free from the harmful chemicals found in traditional deodorants, Routine products are packaged in both reusable glass and compostable cardboard.  

Fable — A botanical apothecary on the Sunshine Coast formulating a wide range of natural products, from skin and body care to aromatherapy.

Natra Care Menstrual Products — Made with organic cotton and completely plastic-free, this line of menstrual hygiene products are safer for your body and the earth.

Vintage Clothing — Shopping second hand is the perfect antidote to fast fashion; an industry significantly contributing to the climate crisis. Come into Roberts Creek Well-being to shop our collection of pre-loved clothing sourced from only natural materials such as denim, cotton, wool, and linen.


Organic Bulk Herbs — Bring your own jar and stock up on Robert’s Creek Well-being’s wide selection of organic bulk herbs. 

Artisan’s Way — Crafted on the Sunshine Coast, the Artisan’s Way line of unrefined chocolates and stone ground organic nut butters are sourced from sustainable ingredients and mindfully packaged. 

Blossom’s Raw Chocolates — Local to BC’s Cortez island, this exceptional line of raw chocolate is made with sustainably sourced ingredients and crafted with love. 

SeaFoam — Nourishing granola and super food powders made right here in Roberts Creek, BC.

If You Care Baking Produces — If You Care’s line of sustainable kitchen essentials include parchment paper, baking cups, compost bags, and more. Made from unbleached recycled cardboard and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, their products are completely compostable and biodegradable. 


Written by: Hannah Schmitt