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Beginner’s Guide to Adaptogens

Beginner’s Guide to Adaptogens

Posted on May 08 2023, By: Cassidy Birch

Beginner’s Guide to Adaptogens

What are Adaptogens?


Welcome to the world of superherbs, also known as Adaptogens.  This powerful category of plants, which include commonly known herbs such as turmeric and licorice, and lesser known herbs like rhodiola and shatavari, have a particularly powerful regulating effect on the body.  Adaptogenic plants positively interfere with our stress response, regulating the production of certain hormones and helping the body adapt to chronic stressors in our daily lives.

Many of these herbs have been incorporated in Traditional cultures for thousands of years, because of their potent healing effects.  Now, science has backed what ancestral wisdom always knew – adaptogenic plants work in a multitude of ways to balance the body and encourage optimal well-being, supporting the nervous, endocrine, immune, cognitive, and circulatory systems.  Certain adaptogens reduce stress and help us relax, while others alleviate fatigue and restore depleted life force energy.  Others still balance hormonal dysregulation and support fertility, uplift the spirit, and strengthen natural immunity.  

Choosing the Right Adaptogen for You

What areas in your life do you most need support?  Do you feel overworked and burnt out?  Are you experiencing insomnia or poor sleep quality?  Does your immune system feel run down? Maybe you lack energy in the morning, or struggle with daily anxiety.  Maybe you’re struggling with symptoms of hormonal dysregulation, such as PMS or irregular cycles.  Check in with your body, and see where it’s asking for support.  Let that be your guidepost when choosing an adaptogen to try.

Because certain adaptogens are more potent than others, it’s important to do your research and consult with a qualified herbalist or healthcare practitioner before introducing an herb you feel unfamiliar with into your supplement regime.

How to Take Adaptogens

Adaptogens can be taken in a variety of forms, from teas and powders to capsules and tinctures.  There are often many ways to take adaptogens, and which form you choose will depend on personal preference.  Are you a daily tea drinker, or do you prefer taking capsules?  Do you like the convenience of dropping a tincture directly under your tongue, or enjoy adding powders to smoothies and lattes?  Here at Roberts Creek Well-being, we offer a wide variety of adaptogenic supplements for a multilte of preferences.

RCW Guide to Adaptogenic Herbs

Below, you’ll find a simple guide to adaptogenic herbs, their uses, and our favorite product recommendations.  The beautiful thing about adaptogens is they offer many benefits, and often work on multiple bodily systems at once.  Because of this, it can be hard to categorize each adaptogen for just one use!  The following guide categorizes each adaptogen for its most prominent uses, but just know the plant is likely supporting you in a multitude of ways.


Botanica Health Ashwagandha (capsule or tincture form) – reduces stress, increases stamina

Harmonic Arts Reishi (powder, tincture, and capsule form) – relieves anxiety, promotes restful sleep

Botanica Holy Basil (capsule form) – promotes a calm mind & increases well-being. (or tea)


Harmonic Arts Rhodiola (tincture form) – relieves fatigue, regulates emotions, increases energy

Harmonic Arts Cordyceps (powder, tincture, and capsule form) – increases energy & stamina 

Botanica Health Siberian Ginseng (tincture form) – promotes energy, vitality, and strong immunity


Botanica Health Maca Root (capsule form) – Promotes hormone balance, strengthens libido, regulates menstruation

Harmonic Arts Shatavari (powder form) – regulates menstrual conditions, supports fertility, provides stress-relief, eases menopausal symptoms

Damiana (loose leaf herb) increases libido, regulates sexual dysfunction, promotes stamina


Botanica Health Turmeric (capsule, tincture, powder) – reduces inflammation, relieves joint pain, supports immunity

Harmonic Arts Turkey Tail (powder, tincture, and capsule form) — increases immunity, supports good gut-health and digestion

St Francis Herb Farm Schisandra (tincture form)  – strengthens immunity, antioxidant and liver detoxifier, promotes vitality


Written by: Hannah Schmidt