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    The Refreshing Facial Toner is Step 2 in the Take Care Face Care 5-Step Routine.

    This vitamin-rich, hydrating facial toner has astringent properties that will leave your skin feeling supple and refreshed.

    Liberally spritz on face after cleansing, allow to dry or use a cotton pad to wipe away any excess impurities.


    • Cucumber Hydrosol is cooling + soothing to the skin bringing relief anti-inflammatory properties to tired, puffy skin. 
    • Lavender Hydrosol has regenerative effects on skin making it a great ingredient for soothing and cooling. Provides skin relief from dryness and irritation. Lavender has also been found to have a calming effect on mood which can aid in stress reduction.
    • Witch Hazel is a wonderful astringent due to the high levels of natural tannins found within it. It helps to tone skin, removes excess dirt and oil and tightens pores. It also contains procyanidins, resin and flavonoids, all of which add to its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. 
    • DL-Panthenol (Vitamin B5) visibly improves the appearance of skin due to its moisturizing properties and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It hydrates skin, reduces trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), and maintains skin elasticity and softness.

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    Facial Cleansers

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    Take Care Apothics