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Five Reasons to Add Medicinal Mushrooms to Your Daily Routine

Five Reasons to Add Medicinal Mushrooms to Your Daily Routine

Posted on April 08 2022, By: Cassidy Birch

Five Reasons to Add Medicinal Mushrooms to Your Daily Routine

There are many benefits to medicinal mushrooms, but let’s start with the most common, locally grown, and commonly used. These include Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, Turkey Tail and Reishi.

1. The first benefit these mushrooms provide is that they are grown in our backyard and forests all around us. The use of chemicals or pesticides is not needed, making them naturally organic, local, and sustainable.

2. Swapping out your morning coffee for a mushroom elixir like "Cafe Ole Coffee Mushroom Blend by Teo Nan” or simply adding “Harmonic Arts 5 Mushroom Blend” to your morning coffee can provide many benefits. This brings us to our second (and my favourite reason) to add mushrooms to your daily routine. Both formulas include Lions Mane, which supports cognitive function for those sleepy morning risers, Reishi mushroom calms the nervous system (which coffee can overstimulate) and Cordyceps support our adrenals (stress response) and provides sustained energy throughout the day.

3. Each mushroom provides more than one benefit to our bodies, yet all of them act as an antioxidant in their own way. Whichever mushroom you choose to work with will provide antioxidant, immune regulating, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits.

4. These mushrooms come in many forms to suit your needs, whether its convenience, absorbability, or cost that is important to you. Harmonic Arts provides each of these carefully harvested (on Vancouver Island) mushrooms in concentrated powders, elixirs, tinctures, or teas. Host Defense (Grown in Washington) provides the convenience of capsules in three different sizes.

5. Last but not least, these mushrooms work very well synergistically together or independently. Depending on your specific needs, wants or desires, these mushrooms are ready to boost your already amazing body.

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